Roulette Flaw

Now that you know about the flaw, you need to know where to exploit it so you can starting winning real money with it today. There are four Casinos that use the exact same version of the exact same software where I have confirmed this flaw, and another one that uses their own casino software with the same exact flaw. You can, and should, exploit the flaw in these 5 Casinos simultaneously. This way you benefit the most. Try to avoid casinos where you already have an account so you do not arouse suspicion for”sudden wins”. Click below on the respective links, install their free software, and deposit the $200 you will need for the Stake plan to use this System successfully. It is that simple. Keep in mind that I do not know for how long this will work, so if you are interested in doing it, you are better off doing it soon. I will take this site down as soon as they fix the flaw, so if you are still seeing this it is because the flaw still exists.  And remember, the flaw occurs in the spins generated by the casino servers in real-money mode, not in the spins generated by your computer in practice mode.

Note: I’ve received a number of e-mails asking whether 888/Casino-on-Net is flawed. It is NOT flawed, so do NOT play this system there.

That is all you have to do to win with my System. The only way that things will go wrong is if you do not follow my instructions to the exact letter. You may not believe this is possible, but give it a try, and you will see for yourself. You have absolutely nothing to lose. If you are still skeptical, consider this: even if the casinos happened to have fixed the flaw just before you start playing, the chances of a single Dozen not appearing for 16 consecutive spins in an unflawed random scenario is 1 in 1/(25/37)^16 = 1 in 530. In other words, you would still have a 99. 8% chance of winning (not 100%, but still very close). If you have any questions or wish to share your profits with me as a kind gesture, please e-mail me at [email protected] com. Please keep in mind that I am not charging for this system and that i t is perfectly legal since you are not breaking any rules or laws. Fixing this flaw is the Casinos responsibility, not yours. Also, please do not email me asking about my motives. I have my reasons for making this information public although I prefer to keep them private.

Not all of you are going to go through with this and that is why it will continue to be exploited by the few of you who do.

A last few pointers that should help you along the way…

1) Try not to spend more than 15-20 minutes at each table. I don’t know why, but after this amount of time, every table seems to get harder to play. Simply exit and re-enter the table every 15-20 minutes.

2) Avoid playing between 2-3PM US Eastern time. Again, I don’t know why but always at this time the Casinos seem harder to play.

3) Do not get greedy and call attention to yourself. That is the major downfall of most players. Set a target and stick to it. Once reached, walk away. Do not win more than $100 in a single day or win 2 days in a row at the same casino. You can remedy this by simply alternating casinos above.

4) Play the System to the letter, do not attempt to manipulate the System or play at an unflawed casino.

5) Be disciplined and stick to your rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)  The table limit isn’t high enough, how do I use this system?

>> Table limits refer to Straight Number bets, not Dozen bets, so ignore the table limits as they will not pose a problem for this system.

2)  How do I treat 0’s?

>> Do not ignore zero’s. Count them as neither H, M, or L. For example, if L, 0, M, H, H, M, comes out, you would now start betting on L.

Roulette Flaw

3)  Does it matter which currency I play in?

>> No.

4)  Does this system work at any other casinos?

>> No.

5)  Which Roulette version should I play?

>> It does not matter. However, I recommend European, single-player as it produces the quickest results.

6)  I do not have $200, can I still use this system? >> Yes, simply wait for a Dozen to not appear for MORE than 5 spins (e. g. 7) and then follow only the necessary first steps of the stake plan (e. g. 9) to ensure you can cover the 16 consecutive spin series (in this example of waiting for 7 spins and following a 9 step stake plan, you would only need an $88 bankroll). Since you are eliminating the last steps of the stake plan, which also happen to be the most expensive, you can dramatically reduce the bankroll required. However, I do not recommend this if you can afford $200 because it will take considerably LONGER for a bet to qualify, so you will win significantly LESS per hour.

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